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Welcome to Rainbow Seating

Rainbow Seating is a company that specializes in supplying restaurant and hospitality furniture to the U.S. marketplace. Our approach is tailored to fit the varying needs of each customer. Our success is the result of working closely with both our suppliers and our customers to ensure a successful partnership. Our focus is delivering quality product by using solid supplier relationships, consistency in raw materials and performing quality control at various steps.

Rainbow Seating offers a standardize product offering to serve the mass needs of the restaurant and hospitality industry. We carry various metal and wood chairs and barstools, table bases and columns, and outdoor furniture. In addition to these standard products we advertise, we also develop products for our customers and coordinate the manufacturing of custom products. To ensure proper quality and timely development, we frequently travel to our factory relationships in China, as well as our customers within the United States. We have a warehouse capability in Burnsville, MN and have strategic partnerships in various locations throughout the United States thereby giving the opportunity for regional distribution.

Our strength is working closely with various factories throughout China to match the needs of our customers. Our starting point is our customer and fulfilling their requirements. We can assist with design and manufacturing prototypes. We attend various trade shows domestically and internationally and can provide you valuable information on the latest trends and styles. Most of all, we can provide you with quality product the first time and give you comfort that future product will be consistent on an ongoing basis. We have many years of dealing with most of the factories we use on a regular basis. If your needs are unique and require a new factory relationship, we ensure success through the engagement of our quality control agents throughout China. Our goal is to delivery on what our customer needs, while giving them comfort that this need will be fulfilled on a "long-term" basis with minimal time management.

We appreciate your interest in our company and hope you'll allow us to provide you quality products and superior service.